Sizing and Product Info

Hey there! We're stoked you’re interested in learning more about Eliel’s Best of the Bestgear! Below you'll find our size charts, FAQ about our products and sizing, and descriptions of each of Eliel's jerseys, bibs, and outerwear. Don't see the answer you need here? Reach out to and we'll be happy to help!


Size and Product FAQ

How do Solana, Rincon, Diablo, Soledad, and Malibu jerseys fit? 

If you scroll down below these FAQ, you’ll find details on all our jerseys, as well as our bibs and vests. 


What do your T1, T2, and T3 thermal designations mean? 

Our thermal rating system of T1, T2, and T3 designates the level of insulation and warmth offered based on the fabric. T1 is the lightest weight thermal, while T3 offers our warmest option for the chilliest days. 


What’s the difference between Palomar and Gibraltar vests? 

The Gibraltar vest is a lightweight, slim-fitting vest with no pockets that breathes well and packs up tightly to fit in a jersey pocket. The Palomar vest is a heavier fabric designed for a greater range of climates. It includes pockets and has a slightly roomier fit.  


How should I choose a size for a vest or jacket? 

We recommend you choose a vest or jacket size that corresponds to your jersey size. 


How should I choose sizes for arm, leg, and knee warmers? 

As these items are unisex, men are advised to choose the same size as the jersey they wear, while women are advised to choose one size smaller than their jersey size. 


If I’m between sizes, should I size up or down? 

Our products are specifically designed to fit best in ride position and for performance. If you find you are in between sizes on our chart, we recommend sizing up. 


How should I choose my glove size? 

As these items are unisex, men are advised to choose the same size as the jersey they wear, while women are advised to choose one size smaller than their jersey size. With that said, if you have particularly large or small hands, size up or down accordingly. 


How should I choose my race suit size? 

We recommend choosing a race suit in the same size as the jersey and bibs you wear. If these sizes are not the same, we’d advise you go with the race suit that matches the larger of the two sizes. 


How should I wash my Eliel gear? 

We recommend you hand wash or launder your Eliel cycling gear in cold water on a delicate cycle to prolong the life of your gear. Please always air dry your gear, as few things are harder on cycling kit than a trip through the dryer!


I love Amp Human lotion! Is it safe to use under my bibs? 

We love Amp Human! But if not applied correctly, it can be hard on bib shorts and speed up the wear and tear of your gear. Fear not! There are several solutions to keep your bibs safe while reaping the benefits of this magic lotion. Amp Human recommends users either:

1. Apply PR lotion, wait 30 minutes (science states the bicarb is fully absorbed in this time), wash it off, then put your kit on and go ride without the worry of the lotion degrading your kit.

2. Apply PR Lotion from your bib tan line down to your ankles to avoid it being on your kit, as recent research is stating PR Lotion does have a systemic affect. 

3. Wash your kit immediately after riding to clean off any residual lotion.

Learn more about different jerseys!


A perfect blend of race and aero, the Solana jersey combines the most advanced fabrics from Northern Italy into a wrinkle-free, close-to-the-body fit that is the new high standard for performance jerseys.  

- Lightweight stretch mesh front designed for optimal breathability, moisture wicking with high UPF protection 

-High-stretch materials for increased comfort and superior fit along with modern collar and longer sleeve length for superior aerodynamics 

-Zipper pocket for valuables plus reflective trim and patches for added visibility 



The Rincon offers a tailored, race cut jersey designed to fit and flatter a wide range of body types.  

-Cut for ideal riding position and designed to hug your body 

-Multiple fabrics combine to optimize fit along each panel of the jersey; sleeves don’t slide up the arm when riding, maintaining high level of comfort and clean aero lines 

-Race cut fit without being restrictive or compressive 

-UPF protection 



For Diablo, the hotter the better as it integrates the technologically advanced fabrics with a design built premise around one premise —keeping you as cool as possible.  

-Lightest possible weight jersey – just 90 grams! 

-UPF protection on the back panel and sleeves and open mesh chest panel provides highest possible ventilation and moisture wicking 

-Laser cut sleeves to increase aerodynamic qualities and Cold Black treatment reflects light to help regulate temperature 



The Soledad jersey features stylish Italian fabric that provides UPF protection, breathability, and the perfect stretch that doesn't bulge when on the bike. 

-Ultra-sleek race cut crafted in the cycling position to prevent rippling and excess fabric down the front of the jersey

-Low-profile collar and aerodynamic sleeves

-Full locking zipper for controlled venting

-Zipper garage at hem protects bibs from abrasion

-Tapered, easy-entry pockets with bonus zippered pocket for valuables

-Signature Eliel reflective pocket patch and trim for extra visibility in low-light conditions



Best for the rider that prefers a more relaxed cut but demands premium quality materials and an ultra-stylish look.  

-Premium Italian fabric withUPF protection that wicks and breathes exceptionally well and a cut that provides more room in the arms and body of the jersey 

-Easy to reach pockets that won’t sag down below your seat when full 

-Traditional high collar design that welcomes a broad spectrum of artwork possibilities

Learn more about our different bibs!


The bib short companion to the Diablo jersey, this heat seeker 
is the only bib short to consider when the temps are as high as your expectations for the performance of your equipment.  

-Laser-cut, seamless lie flat straps increase comfort over the shoulders 

-Carbon mesh fabric on outside panel allows maximum breathability, moisture wicking and heat dissipation 

-Upgraded EIT chamois with hybrid cell foam technology providing highest level of protection in targeted high-pressure areas. 


Laguna Seca  

Our flagship bib short, the Laguna Seca is what you’ve always wanted your bib shorts to feel like—only the best fabrics designed with your all-day comfort in mind.  

-EIT, anti-bacterial, carbon weave, 6+ hour chamois, hand-sewn in the optimal position 

-40 gauge Italian lycra provides high compression and support with laser cut panels to ensure precise, superior fit 



The Soledad bib short was created to elevate your cycling experience using technical fabrics with understated details and hidden performance. Laser cut lay flat straps & new hybrid foam chamois provide superior comfort. 

-Lightweight mesh back upper for breathability

-Breathable, lightweight leg grippers hold bibs comfortably in place

-Reflective trim for additional visibility in low light conditions (safety first!)

-This 7+ hour chamois provides anatomical support, leading to a more comfortable fit and saddle stability. It’s made from multi-density foams, which provides extra protection and comfort for long days in the saddle. The carbon weave face fabric kills bad bacteria and wicks moisture from the body, preventing saddle sores.


Endurance Cargo 

Got any day long adventures planned? The Endurance Cargo short gives you a race cut with extra storage while not sacrificing on premium quality and fit.  

-It’s all about storage – exterior pockets on each leg and 2 on the back panel, including a zipper pocket 

-Seamless flat straps and a 6-hour Carbon Weave chamois means you can go long and feel good the whole ride 

-Reflective inserts on back side of the legs for added visibility 

Learn more about our different vests!

Gibraltar Vest 

The Gibraltar is the gold standard for a lightweight, breathable vest that repels wind and water like a superhero.  

2-way molded zipper for top and bottom ventilation and easy access to jersey pockets 3-layer fabric with wind and water-resistant, breathable, stretch membrane Easily stashed away in half a jersey pocketAlso available as a jacket 

Palomar Vest 

When the temps start to drop, the Palomar handles the wind, keeps you warm, and is the ultimate complement to a high-end custom kit.  

-2 fully reflective, hi-viz outer pockets on the back help keep you visible and provide easy access to your nutrition and other stored items 

-3-layer wind and water-resistant fabric with, breathable, stretch membrane, higher collar for increased protection plus a 2-way zipper for easy venting 

-Athletic fit, designed for layering underneath

-Also available as a jacket