Ryan Cady (Founder & CEO)

“I wanted to challenge myself to learn how cycling apparel was truly made and then use that knowledge and my cycling experience to create world-class products that people would be excited and passionate about wearing. Ultimately, I was trying to answer a simple question:

What would it take to make cycling apparel that gets every detail right?

After hundreds of thousands of miles in the saddle, investing in high-tech printers, laser cutting tables, industrial sewing machines, hundreds of prototypes and countless hours spent sourcing the best materials, researching biomechanics, and assembling a passionate team of product developers, artists, and craftspeople, we have the answer. 

At Eliel, it takes everything to make quality cycling apparel:

It takes an uncompromising approach to design and construction.

It takes an exacting eye for detail.

It takes conducting all of our own R&D and personal real world testing.

It takes breaking through the limitations of the traditional 2-3 rounds of prototyping common with most apparel brands. We don’t stop until the product is perfect. 

It takes owning and running our own R&D facility to get the details right.

It takes owning and running our own factories to get the quality right.

It takes sourcing only the finest and most technical fabrics and raw materials from around the world.

It takes hard work, failure, constant iteration, and sweating the details.

It takes commitment from our employees, suppliers and customers.

It takes a passionate, wide-ranging community built on the idea and belief that cycling can change lives.

So what do you get when you purchase an Eliel product? It turns out that in exchange for our everything, you get cycling apparel so dialed that you forget about it and gain the total freedom to enjoy your ride."