Eliel Pro Program

Who is eligible for the Eliel Pro Program?

Our pro program is designed for cycling industry professionals including guides and instructors, employees of outdoor gear companies, and athletes.

The program is always under review, and qualification is dependent on full-time employment within the listed industries and professions.

Membership in our pro program is not guaranteed, regardless of past affiliations with Eliel or other connections. 

We require that you email proof of your qualifications, including valid cycling licenses, membership cards, proof of employment, or similar via the application below. 

Pro program status is valid for one year, and requires annual recertification through a new application.

IMPORTANT: Membership in the Eliel Cycling Pro Program is for personal use only, and Eliel reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if it appears that a member is abusing their program benefits.

All applications will be reviewed and approved in 1-2 weeks. Your answer will be provided via the email address from your application.

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  • Personal Use Only

    • Your Pro account is to purchase gear for your personal use only.
    • Your Pro discount is limited to a total value of $1200 MSRP per year. Violation of this limit will result in removal from the program. 
    • Be discreet about your Pro discount.
  • How Do I receive the Code?

    • Pro pricing will be given at checkout with your personal code.
    • Account information cannot be shared, as orders are for personal use only.
    • Subscription to Eliel Cycling emails is a requirement of membership.
  • What products does the Eliel Pro Program apply to?

    • The quick answer....all products
    • Specific products may be excluded from discount, and the discount % may vary based on product category.