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Eliel Pro Program

What are the Pro Program rules?

Pro Program Rules

  • Your Pro account is to purchase gear for your personal use only.
  • Your Pro discount is limited to a total value of $1200 MSRP per year. Violation of this limit will result in removal from the program. 
  • Be discreet about your Pro discount.
    • Refer interested customers to Eliel Cycling at
  • Products purchased from Eliel Cycling using your Pro Program benefits are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or credit.
  • Pro pricing will be given at checkout with your personal code.
  • Account information cannot be shared, as orders are for personal use only.
  • Subscription to Eliel Cycling emails is a requirement of membership.
  • Specific products may be excluded from discount, and the discount % may vary based on product category. 

IMPORTANT: Membership in the Eliel Cycling Pro Program is for personal use only, and Eliel reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if it appears that a member is abusing their program benefits.

Eliel Pro Application

Are you involved in the cycling industry? Click below to apply for the Eliel Pro Program.

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