Follow these guidelines to make sure your kit looks super-appealing


Colors print differently on different types of cloth and especially so from how they look on paper. Even Pantone® or CMYK colors may not print with exactness. As a result, we’ve created our own proprietary Eliel Fabric Color Swatches. We list our colors based on the names we’ve given them. We’re happy to say they have been dialed in over many years, so we can ensure an exact color match. You can ask your friendly and talented Eliel Account Manager to send you an Eliel Fabric Color Swatch.

Below you can access the design templates (Illustrator .ai files), where you will find a Color Palette. We would work with you to apply the Eliel colors according to the colors you have chosen from the Eliel Fabric Color Swatches.


Files below are in vector format. If you wish to open in a PDF please download the file and open in preview mode.

•If creating your own art please use the Eliel Cycling team’s color palette.

•The Eliel art team does not use Pantone® or CMYK colors when creating art given to us by clients. This is because each fabric takes color differently.

•We list colors based on Eliel naming conventions.A color chart printed on fabric can be sent to you in order to see how it will look on your team’s garments.


If you are adamant about bitmap graphics in your artwork, they should have a min- imum of 250 dots per inch (dpi) at actual jersey size (which is approximately 7000 pixels wide across the chest).

We ask that they be saved on a transparent background as a .psd, .png, .ai or .eps file format. Bitmap graphics saved as a .tif, .gif, .jpeg, or .psd will always print with a white background. That white background will appear on your garment. That’s usually not cool either.

If the color in your bitmap graphics needs to be exact, a color print of the bitmap graphic should be sent to your account manager so we can match as closely as possible.


•Graphics must bleed to the largest garment size

•Graphics will not line up across seams on all sizes

•Guide box lines in the guide layer are suggested placement for logos.

• They can be enlarged as long as they do not cross seam lines.

•Eliel logos are not to be moved unless approved by the Eliel Account Manager

•Refer to our Eliel Garment Templates for required Eliel logo placements

•Sponsor logos can only be used on your team gear if you have written permission from the Sponsor


Please make sure to convert all your text to outlines in Illustrator or include your font files. Otherwise your fonts may be automatically converted to something considerably less cool than the ones you desire.