Elements Collection

Elements Collection

The Vegan Cyclist Elements Collection by Tyler Pearce.

Cycling is more than just riding a bike. It has gone past being fun or challenging or something I do here and there. Cycling is now a part of who I am, it's now a fundamental part of my existence. Just as the elements of fire, wind, earth, and water are intertwined with our world, cycling…is my element.

The Elements Collection is designed to connect you with your calling. Do you often find yourself riding near the beach, or a lake, or just gravitate towards water? The Water Jersey will express that calling. Maybe you live near the desert, and it's always hot, then Fire is your calling. If your home is a bustling city or flat plains where the wind is always at your back, the Wind Jersey is more your style. And if mountains make their call to you, then Earth will suite your need for the trees.

All items are preorder, open through June 20th, 2018 and will be shipped last week of August.

Please note these garments are made to order, all sales are final once order is placed. All items ordered with this presale will ship together the last week of August.