What Being an Eliel Factory Team Member Means to Me

What Being an Eliel Factory Team Member Means to Me

Author: Jonathan Day, First Year EFT Member

2021 is my first year on the Eliel Factory Team and I could not be more excited to be part of this group!

When the opportunity presented itself to join the team, I jumped at it, as I’ve long been a fan of Eliel’s kit designs. I love the way the clothing is engineered to fit perfectly when in the riding position. I like for my kit to look “pro” – which to me means the jersey is designed with aerodynamics in mind (minimal excess fabric or bunching), and Eliel absolutely nails it. I also love that the clothing is actually crafted in California.

While the discount on great-looking kit was the initial hook to grab my interest in team membership, the benefits of being a team member have far exceeded my expectations. First, the team is truly a community of actively engaged people from around the world with a shared passion for having fun riding bikes. The members’ group on Facebook is active daily with fellow members posting pictures of themselves on epic rides, talking about their goals, sharing their accomplishments, and just generally supporting one another. I have already connected with several team members that live near me, and so I have found new riding buddies as well.

Additionally, Eliel employees are active in the group, listening to feedback and answering members’ questions. It is great to see the company be so involved with the team.

I have also been introduced to several great new companies through the team’s sponsors, including some new nutritional companies that will now be mainstays in my training regimen.

I have been a brand ambassador for other cycling companies in the past, but EFT is so much more than that. You really are joining a team. It has all of the best features of being on a racing team – awesome looking kits, discounts with partner brands, teammates to connect with – without the downsides (pressure to meet race minimums, get “results”, or deal with a culture that may not be supportive).

If you are considering joining the Eliel Factory Team – do it. My enthusiasm for the team (and the great-looking kits!) have already convinced several of my friends to apply, and I certainly plan on sticking around as long as they’ll have me!

For more information about the Eliel Factory Team go to www.elielcycling.com/pages/factory-team.

To apply to become a member of the 2021 EFT click here.

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