Del Dios represents Eliel's latest advancement in cycling gear. Designed for your fastest days when you want it all perfectly dialed!

What would an absolutely uncompromising cycling kit look and feel like? With the launch of Eliel’s newest performance cycling apparel line, Del Dios, we have a definitive answer. Five-plus years in the making, the Del Dios collection is a masterful combination of technology and craftsmanship.

  • Drag Reduction

    The Del Dios line uses several proprietary fabrics to meaningfully reduce rider drag, with pronounced benefits at speeds ranging from 25km/h to 50km/h.

  • Optimal Heat/Moisture Transfer

    The Del Dios line is the most ergogenic available on the market, with an antimicrobial smart temp finish in the jersey and FIR infrared yarn technology in the bibs providing unparalleled levels of thermoregulation and management of body heat.

  • 4 density Construction with Hybrid Cell System: Perfect for extra-long distance rides. 

    Maximum breathability with the Air Mapping System: 
    perforated materials and surfaces lower skin temperature and reduce moisture. 

  • Male and Female Specific Anatomic construction: for Improved blood flow and pressure relief. 

    REPOC construction: Reduced Points of Contact improves moisture management. 

    ECO X-Fifty fabric: recycled yarns of polyester and polyamide for an exclusive sustainable fabric.