Yosemite Cycling Camp with The Vegan Cyclist

Yosemite Cycling Camp with The Vegan Cyclist

“DUDE…The 3rd annual Yosemite Cycling Camp was looking GRIM when Yosemite was getting 2 FREAKING FEET OF SNOW during camp. But the weather gods shined down upon us giving us windows of clear skys to ride, and with a few route adjustments, CAMP WAS AWESOME. We grew the size of campers this year and the group we had were just plain good humans. Everyone was there to ride, eat good food, and everyone had a great time. Eliel had our back the whole camp and I couldn’t ask more from as a sag crew.”

-Tyler Pearce, aka, The Vegan Cyclist

Yosemite National Park provides some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Experiencing those views by bike takes this to another level. After climbing up to the Glacier Point turn off and descending through the flowing turns of Wawona Road and the darkness of Yosemite Tunnel, you emerge to the panorama view of the entire Yosemite Valley.

Your views extend from The Nose of El Capitan to the flowing waters of Bridalveil Falls, with the iconic silhouette of Half Dome looming in the background of the valley.

“We made life-long friends and rode through breathtaking landscapes filled with forests, rivers, and waterfalls. It’s what this camp is about. The memories of pain, suffering and the joy of riding forever bonded us as we tore up the mountains and furiously descended.”

-Vilen Rodeski

This experience was the keynote for riders that attended the Yosemite Cycling Camp, put on by the Vegan Cyclist, aka Tyler Pearce. Tyler is a resident of Bass Lake, California, and has hosted the camp for three years. The camp has grown over the years and showcases some of the best mountain roads California has to offer.

Tyler, teammates from SP2life Elite Cycling Team, and other mentors helped guide campers through the incredible scenery, allowing riders to push themselves on designated “KOM” segments, while keeping the group together through each day. Vegan meals were provided for breakfast and dinner, as well as mobile lunches that were brought on the road to keep everyone fueled. Each night, Tyler and the mentors guided discussions ranging from cycling training tips to creating a healthy life balance.

While the weather wasn’t perfect, and snow at high elevations blocked the road to the Glacier Point overlook, spirits and morale was high, with riders from all backgrounds braving the elements to see some of the world’s natural wonders.

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