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The 2019 Eliel California Heritage Collection

One of the all-time epic adventure movies was certainly The Endless Summer. Whether you watched it in the late 1960s when it was released or later when you were chasing your own California Dream, The Endless Summer is a timeless masterpiece because it captures the imagination of every generation. Hope. Wanderlust. Seeking to push the boundaries.

"Inspired by the endless summer sunset, Eliel’s tri-color bars have been a mainstay on their Heritage jerseys and bibs since they began the collection."

It doesn’t matter if you are a surfer or not because The Endless Summer offers us an example of a life lived pursing true fulfillment—that endless pursuit of being immersed in a sport we love. For many of us, that is a life on a bike.

California burritos pair well with California jerseys.

An enduring image that we have from that movie used for The Endless Summer movie billboard was the Pacific coastline at sunset, a cascade of rich colors in the sky and ocean. Inspired by the endless summer sunset, Eliel’s tri-color bars have been a mainstay on their Heritage jerseys and bibs since they began the collection. I first saw one of the earlier editions of the Heritage jersey—with the gold and orange—on a fellow cyclist in Virginia a few years ago and I distinctly remember feeling a California vibe from the jersey.

Eliel’s artists continue to capture the ever-changing Pacific ocean and sky panorama in their tri-color fade of the Heritage jersey’s and bibs, and this year’s is no different. Using lavender and deep rose in the women’s collection and an azure, steel, and white in the men’s, the 2019 Collection has a more chill feeling, like the last moments of watching a southern California sunset’s spectacular light.

“The Heritage Collection is a celebration of where the company was born, and where we live and ride,” says Ryan Cady, founder of Eliel.

Indeed, what Eliel produces celebrates the home of the company—California. Take for example of the logo of Eliel, the iconic California bear. There is a fierce courage in bears, one that cyclists seek to pull from within whether during their weekly summer criterium races, or on epic weekend climbs up the likes of Mount Baldy, Gibraltar, or Palomar. Eliel has updated the look of the logo so check it out in the Heritage Collection and in other lines coming out this summer and fall.

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