Surf City Partnership Continues for 2017

Surf City Partnership Continues for 2017

Words by Charon Smith   Photos by Nick Tellez

Team Surf City p/b Eliel and Pioneer is happy to announce the team is in their 6th year of existence. For 2017 Eliel and Pioneer have increased support and were named as presenting sponsors.

Eliel will be outfitting the team with their custom crafted gear which has become one of the hottest cycling clothing brands in the country. New for this year the team will be riding in the latest Santa Ana Road Suit. The boys have been pleased with Eliel support and efforts they have made to continue the growth of our wonderful sport we all love.

In 2016 the team had a few guys running the Pioneer power meter system which they loved and found to be a very valuable tool. This year the entire team will be running the system and looking forward to becoming more efficient on the bike so they can be even more effective during competition and training. The team is so thankful to have these two amazing companies backing them for the upcoming year. 

Surf City Cyclery has been a partner of the team since its inception. The team knows and understands that without their great support it would make this vision and dream much more difficult. 

The entire team will be on Specialized bikes once again. These bikes have become a staple for the team, and they all love the performance and responsiveness these bikes provide. 

Sterling BMW of Newport Beach, CA has returned for the 2017 and has been a partner for several years with the team and we are very thankful for that. Sterling BMW has played a role in the famous race Dana Point GP, they provided a pace car at some of the events. 

GQ6 who will be supplying the boys with hydration support and also supplying them with their “REKUVR NITE TIME” which allows them to go into a deeper sleep which will aid in repairing the body while they rest and refreshing the mind at the same time. 

Nutrition support will be provided by Bonk Breaker who has been a partner with the team for many years now. The boys have loved the support Chris Frank and has staff have given over the years. The bars and chews that are provided play an essential role in keeping the system fueled for long and hard days in the saddle. 

Morey & Upton, LLP has returned for 2017 to provide legal support for any type of injury the boys may encounter while out training or commuting on their bikes. 

Dr. Duddey Sports Care Center will be back for 2017 and this is the team primary sponsor for all their chiropractic, massage therapy, and PT needs. The team is excited to have Dr. Duddey and his wonderful staff on board to help keep their systems firing for the long and hard season ahead. Look for the Dr. Duddey staff at a few events this year. 

Team Roster for 2017

  1. Charon Smith
  2. Kayle LeoGrande
  3. Ivan Dominguez
  4. Max Hernandez
  5. Josh Alverson
  6. Derek Brauch
  7. Dustin Armstrong
  8. John Abate
  9. Steve Kim
  10. Aaron Wimberly
  11. Jeff Prinz
  12. David Perez
  13. Ben Travis
  14. Dave Worthington

2017 Target Events

  • Roger Millikan Memorial GP
  • Tour of Murrieta
  • San Dimas Stage Race
  • San Luis Rey Road Race
  • Dana Point Grand Prix
  • Redlands Criterium
  • Barry Wolfe GP
  • Ladera Ranch GP
  • Manhattan Beach GP
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