Start Moving Forward

Start Moving Forward

Every day my goal is to “Start Moving Forward.”  This is the process of taking action to pursue your goals. It doesn’t require a clear path, just your commitment to taking the first step. An honest evaluation of those results will unveil the next step, and so on.  This translates into completing the next workout like you committed to, finishing the last task at work before clocking out, or being a little extra patient when your kids knock your drink over into your dinner plate (not speaking from experience or anything).

On-The-Bike, this has led me to do an annual ride that actually has me questioning whether or not I can complete it.  This year, it was the Everest Roam Project.  This is a route that climbs the equivalent height of Mount Everest (29,032’ Vertical Feet) without repeating a single climb.  It was also an opportunity to do my first 300 mile ride (this ended up being a 111 mile PR).  I was also able to tick off a “bucket list ride” of going from my house in the Sacramento Valley, up and around Lake Tahoe and back.  The route in total was 326 miles and I completed in 24 hours elapsed time.  Anyone can do something epic from home…


View the Everest Roam On Strava Here

Off-The-Bike, the START MOVING FORWARD mentality has allowed me to mold my career as a personal trainer in the general fitness industry to meet the needs of cyclists who are looking to improve their health and performance.  When I left downhill mountain bike racing (my first career/pursuit) I never would have thought bikes would be a part of my future (especially so much lycra).  Grateful to have brands like ELIEL supporting me every step of the way.

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