August 05, 2016

Squid Separates by Eliel

Written By Jordan Babb

Squid Separates by Eliel 

A fresh mix and match collection consisting of wild bibs and clean jerseys; Squid Separates by Eliel are sure to turn heads whether on the trail or road. 

Like Eliel, Squid bikes are also crafted in California, producing hand welded frames out of Sacramento, California. Their motto of "DIYFS" (do it your f@*$ing self) and "It's OK to spray," gives every rider the ability to customize their own bike and the opportunity for self-expression. Emily Kachorek, Co-owner of Squid Bikes, had a similar vision for the Squid Separates by Eliel Collection, a vision in which you can mix and match bibs and jerseys to express your own style.  So which combo will you choose?!


This LIMITED pre sale ends August 16th. Shop the entire Squid Separates by Eliel collection HERE.