Morro Collection

Morro Collection



The beautiful morros that originate at the water’s edge lead inland. They gather in mass and pitch in what ultimately becomes the Coastal Range. Snow does not fall on the coastal bluffs. True winter is unfamiliar to the coastal California cyclist. The harsh elements of the fourth season are fictitious. There is no sudden transformation of temperature or terrain.


Instead, there is a subtle transition of light as the summer water of the Pacific transitions to cooler temperatures. Internally warmed by a cup of coffee our sun-tanned knees are soon to be forgotten. The first climb of the day is greeted with a hope that as the road increases in elevation and amplitude, so will our heart rate and body temperature. This is our dawn patrol.


The Morro collection from Eliel is our take on California’s transitional season. The colors and gradients are emblematic of views from our coastal bluffs. These are the Morros of California.

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