Morning Ride Cycle Club - An LA Story

Morning Ride Cycle Club - An LA Story


We wanted to create a kit that was synonymous with cyclists from around the world. In our third collaboration with Southern California based, Eliel Cycling, we went to views from the saddle.

MRCC or Morning Ride Cycle Club is based out of Miami, FL. South Florida is a very unique place compared to other parts of the world due to its weather. To put it simply, it's hot. Sometimes very hot. Getting caught on the bike anytime after 10AM will have you getting home with a really nice sun tan or a really bad sun burn. Hence the reason why tan lines are so profound here.

The choice is simple, most of South Florida cyclist's routine has them on the bike at the very early hours of the morning. Sometimes before the sun comes up.

That's where the inspiration for our new kit started, pedaling our steeds and staring at the Sun's crest over the horizon. What happened after was nature's way of painting on a canvas.


We collaborated one more time with Miami-based artist Adriana Maz to help us with the design of the kit. The colors were inspired by that moment when the Sun's glow starts to paint the night sky. The grey represents the darkness as it turns into that blue early morning hue.

The pink on the sleeve is the glow of the Sun right before it comes over the horizon.

Pedaling and staring at this natural occurrence got our minds racing and inspired us to come up with this color palette and kit design.


We decided to change the setting this time to shoot the kit. That setting is Los Angeles, CA.

Photos by our very own Michael Cedeño, who's a Miami native living in Los Angeles. He took our friends Emily & Zane through the LA mountains and famous spots. As you can tell the colors of the kit fit perfect with the California backdrop, as we are sure will happen anywhere else in the world.


Since our inception we've always believed that cycling is the most beautiful and most unique sport on the earth.

Our new kit pays homage to the beauty of nature that all cyclists get to enjoy on a daily basis, our playground is the Sunrises and Sunsets in our cities or towns, the mountain passages or city roads, the desolate early mornings or busy late night city streets.

Our bikes take us there, it's only fitting to match the backdrop.

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