Freddy's Gentleman's Race 

The luck of a draw

One hundred miles, forty riders and 10 teams of four all with one goal in mind- to get each rider on your team across the finish line first. Three weeks prior to the FGR, forty riders huddle over a hat of names. A draw of a hat determines each four man team. Within those three weeks, you ride together, recon and discover each riders strengths, but more importantly, their weaknesses. The race rolls out at and ends at Chronic Taco in Long Beach, California where a burrito and beer awaits at the finish. The best damn burrito I might add!


The race begins with a 14 mile neutral rollout. This is the time to move around the peleton and banter with the other teams. The flag is waved and the race is on! A bungee cord hangs out the back of Chris Collins left pocket for when the hills approach. He pulls it out, hooks it to his seat post and casts it to his heavier set teammate. Throwing down an additional 200 watts in hopes to not only keep his bungee cord together, but the pack as well. The Freddy Gentlemen’s Race is a all about team work. You’re only as ahead as your last teammate. Heads are constantly on swivel as teams check to see if their teammates are still in contention. After 80 long miles all the teams are together getting organized for the “team sprint”, putting together a strategy on how to get all four teammates across the line first. It’s a race between each team's last rider. 200 meters to go and each team is organized looking like a professional lead out train. As moto support stands at the finish line, he records the finish on his iPhone to later review the winners over beer and burritos.