Eliel Welcomes Superstar Chloe Woodruff!

Eliel Welcomes Superstar Chloe Woodruff!

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with one of America’s great mountain bike stars: Chloe Woodruff!

Chloe is much more than a mountain bike racer. She’s a positive force in the sport.

She won her first National Championship as a junior racer in 2005 and won her first Elite National Championship title in 2015 in Mammoth, California. Poetically, it was on the very same course where she had won her first Junior National title exactly 10 years earlier. She represented the United States at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and is on the long team for the Tokyo Olympics this year. She's the reigning USA Cycling Pro Cross-Country National Champion. Chloe is one of the only American females to earn a World Championship team berth as a Junior, U23 and Elite competitor.

She’s been in every situation a bike racer can encounter. She has missed winning moves. She has been filled with self-doubt and ready to quit. She has jumped off an 8-hour flight onto her bike with no food or rest. She has fought back from a multitude of injuries. She is also a smart racing tactician and has the gold medals to show for it. That’s what bike racing is: confidence, fear, fatigue, unbridled energy, thrilling victories, agonizing losses, and a never-ending string of adventures.

Chloe is somewhat unique in that she has also been heavily involved with the management end of the sport. She formed and operated the Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team, the dominant team on the American mountain biking circuit from 2015 to 2020. Managing that team involved booking transportation and hotels for six athletes, coordinating schedules, finding sponsors, handling media obligations, and putting out daily fires. In other words, a lot of extra work for a top-level racer!

She closed the chapter on running a team at the end of 2020 and began the new year focused on an international race calendar and Tokyo Olympic Team spot. We were thrilled when she expressed an interest in Eliel when it came to choosing her own apparel for 2021.

In Chloe’s words, “When I realized that the handful of kits that caught my eye were made by Eliel, I started browsing their in-line collection and was drawn to their lively colors and patterns. Their designs reflect a playful and fun attitude that I feel while pedaling a bike. Then again, the quality and comfort is there too. I'm excited to find clothing that does it all—made to withstand hard training, and yet also bring the fun. I'm thrilled to ride and train with Eliel moving forward!”

What we really like about Chloe, beyond all of her accomplishments on the bike, is how dedicated she is to getting young people on bikes. She was a big supporter of the Arizona High School Cycling League from the beginning and is always willing to share her knowledge with young riders.

Eliel’s CEO, Ryan Cady, knows firsthand the effect a positive role model has on kids.

“I have two fantastic daughters, including one who got involved with NICA over a year ago. We started watching the previous Women’s World Cup races around the same time and it was so great to see Chloe representing the US so prominently on that stage. It’s always a great inspiration for everyone but of course young girls in the U.S. who are trying the sport out. They get to see an athlete that can serve as a role model and also someone to cheer for from their country. We’re super excited to be working with Chloe to help her continue to represent the US on the highest stage and show the possibilities for young riders coming up.”

Through it all, Chloe finds joy in the simple act of riding a bicycle. You will always find her on “race day” eager to talk to young riders, take a selfie with a fan, and race her heart out with a smile on her face.

That’s why the sport is lucky to have riders like Chloe Woodruff. And that’s why we’re excited to have her as an ambassador!

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