Eliel Named 2017 Tulsa Tough Official Clothing Partner

Eliel Named 2017 Tulsa Tough Official Clothing Partner

We're excited to announce the partnership between Tulsa Tough and the Eliel cycling brand for the 2017 Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.


From June 9th to the 11th, the cycling world will focus on the sites and sounds of Tulsa, Oklahoma. What is essentially the biggest cycling themed block party in the U.S., Tulsa Tough brings together a nationwide community for bike rides ranging from recreational Gran Fondos to the world renowned race up Cry Baby Hill.

Celebrating its 12th year, Tulsa Tough is now the number four most watched bike race in the U.S. due mainly to the popular live streaming of all the races, and the welcoming nature of the downtown Tulsa area for both the racers and fans.

Each year the event has an official theme. The 2017 version is themed  'Freedom Machine' as this is the 200th year of the invention of the bicycle and a major milestone for the women's emancipation movement of the late 1800's as the bicycle provided mobility and freedom.

Eliel first attended Tulsa Tough in 2016 and quickly noticed the uniqueness of the event, as not many cities will commit to 3 downtown races in one weekend. Plus, the outpouring of support from the local volunteers and fans made Tulsa Tough one of our favorites from 2016.

For 2017 Eliel and Tulsa Tough have designed a fresh look for the official Tulsa Tough merchandise. 


The official gear, crafted right here in California, will available to the public and range from our recreational Coronado jersey, to our race proven Rincon jersey. The jerseys will coordinate with our Laguna Seca bib shorts and a vest, arm warmers and socks to round out the collection. Sales of the gear is tentatively scheduled from April 15th to the 30th with delivery slated for the first week of June. 


Men's Tulsa Tough Laguna Seca Bib Shorts

The coveted Tough Tulsa Women's Leaders Jersey - You'll need to earn this one ladies.

Men's Tough Tough Leaders Jersey

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