Beat The Summer Heat - Diablo Is So Hot Right Now

Beat The Summer Heat - Diablo Is So Hot Right Now



The Diablo name comes from this collection's equal ability to float up climbs like Mt. Diablo but also handle hellish temperatures and conditions. Ultra light weight, this jersey and bib will also protect against the sun's harsh rays and work to keep your body temperature cool. Equally at home in the coastal deserts and long mountain climbs of California, to the rolling hills and humidity of the mid-west, or the sun soaked beach roads of Miami. When the temperatures and conditions push your body to the limit, push back with this essential collection of summer cycling equipment.


The Run-Down

As with everything we make, this jersey and bib is 100% hand-crafted in California. We selected highly technical Italian fabrics that create the lightest possible full-feature jersey that offers you a perfect mix of breathability and moisture management. In addition it provides protection from the sun as well as allow you to carry a full load of items to stay equipped during your longest days. We've taken our proven Laguna Seca Bib Short and added lightweight mesh paneling that provides the level of support and compression, as well as updating the upper to lay flat laser-cut straps.

Technical Features

The front panel of this jersey is an italian circular-knit mesh fabric that provides an incredible combination of ventilation and moisture transfer while remaining incredibly light weight.

The sleeves are made from a high gauge micro denier fabric with a laser cut edge that eliminates stitching but won't roll or fray at the end of the sleeve. The comfort and fit provides a combination of aerodynamics and stretch that disappears on the arm. This fabric features a coldblack treatment that reflects light to keep the fabric and rider cool, and is UPF 50.

The back panel of the jersey is also UPF 50 reducing or eliminating the need for sunscreen under the jersey.(Always test for yourself!) The 2 way stretch nature of this back panel allows the jersey to fit perfectly around the body, while providing the structure lengthwise to support the weight of full jersey pockets without sagging. The pockets feature a mesh inner lining to reduce heat build up on the back and improve breathability while reinforced anchors at the main stitch points increase durability when stuffing pockets for all day riding. Function is always foremost with any Eliel product and the Diablo certainly delivers but it's notable that we were still able to drop the weight of this jersey to just 90 grams! (Our classic Rincon weighs 140 grams for comparison).

The Diablo Bib Short starts with the pattern from our tried and true Laguna Seca Bib Short, and replaces the side panel with a lightweight carbon mesh that improves breathability without compromising compression or sun protection.

The upper straps have been widened, allowing increased airflow and incorporate a new laser cut stretch fabric that is thin and soft, disappearing against the body. The new hybrid cell foam chamois provides a uniquely form fit, with incredible targeted padding to provide all day support and protection while minimizing bulk and weight. The anti-bacterial fabric cover creates a comfortable and anti-abrasion layer that sits next to the skin, allowing you to focus on the ride ahead.

End Result

The ultimate hot and humid climate jersey and bib short in a feathery light package. Sometimes Mother Nature can dial up temperatures that can stress us to our breaking point, and the Diablo Collection is our answer. When the temperatures and conditions push your body to the limit, push back with these essential pieces of summer cycling equipment.


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