I'm Jeremiah Bishop, a two-time US national mountain bike champion, adventure athlete coach, and dad.

I will do just about anything for chocolate chip cookies and coffee. I am an earth sciences enthusiast who loves exploring and finds myself immersed in maps, travel books, and adventure articles in my free time. 

JEREMIAH BISHOPI've been racing since I was 16 years old and have competed in 30 different countries, including races in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. However, what I am most proud of is my advocacy work. I contribute to trail work and fundraising for the local cycling club, Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition. Additionally, I host an annual gran fondo mixed road event that not only brings joy to participants but also contributes to the community by encouraging more people to get on bikes.

Many people have seen the Impossible Routes adventures that began as one of my seemingly crazy ideas to ride up the world's biggest volcano. I also have a vlog YouTube channel where I share some of my adventurous and silly experiences and races. Check it out on In the Wheelhouse.

Jeremiah Bishop RacingLast year, my theme was "rocks and roots," so I participated in a lot of mountain bike racing, returning to my roots. It was a nostalgic experience, considering that the middle 20 years of my career were spent racing mountain bikes at the World Cup and national levels. I raced in US MTB nationals and even won a stage of the Break Epic. When I was focused, I won 13 stage races, and it became a sort of specialty, which I find pretty cool.

JEREMIAH BISHOP podiumFor the next season, "my focus is on community". I plan on organizing more group rides, hosting a couple of new gravel events, and helping others get into the sport. For more about coaching or other events do check out                     

I do have some other ambitions, including some titles but I'll save those for the spring schedule announcement! 
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