A Message From Our Favorite Vegan

A Message From Our Favorite Vegan

Tyler Pearce, aka The Vegan Cyclist, shares a few thoughts with the Eliel blog around the launch of his new, rad, and totally gorgeous Pineapples in Paradise Collection.

By: Tyler Pearce, The Vegan Cyclist

Dude…10 years ago if someone tried to introduce me to “tHe vEGaN cYLisT”, I’d say no thanks, I already know he’s the most annoying human on the plant. The “V” word is often charged with visions of crazy activists strapping themselves to a tree or something. But look, if you ride bikes – which if you’re reading this than I imagine you do – you probably want to ride bikes ALL DAY EVERYDAY. At least that’s how it is for me. So I looked for ways to recover faster and stay light, but also eat until my stomach bursts. Because eating after a big ride is at least half of the joy of riding, right?

For me, a plant-based diet was what worked well for me. That was a crazy 10-year journey into health and overall life changes.

The journey and destination looks different for everyone, though, so this new “PINEAPPLES IN PARADISE” collection embodies the desire to (#1) Look DOPE AF and (#2) Attempt to change the view of a “vEGaN cYLisT” from the most annoying human alive to a dude/dudette you’d want to grab a beer and a side of carrots with.

I really hope you dig this new fruit kit, I hope it speaks to your own journey, and that you wear it with pride.


The Vegan Cyclist

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