Teamwork by Charon Smith

Teamwork by Charon Smith

It is a word we hear very often in sports. It describes individuals coming together to form a cohesive group. Their goals are the same….to complete a mission that can’t be done by the individuals alone.

Without teamwork little in life can be gained. This truth applies to cycling, and the society we live in. To me, the core essentials of teamwork are trust, loyalty, desire, a singular vision, fun and love. And every team must have a passionate leader who is in tune with the entire team. For Team Surf City, that leader is me.

At Team Surf City I often pick up the phone to call my teammates for their input. We communicate almost daily on new goals, past performances, and constant improvement. In our sport each member has specific roles that they specialize in, and it’s my job to encourage my teammates to excel in those roles.

In 2015 Team Surf City is having our most successful season and it is all due to teamwork.

For anyone interested in joining or creating a successful team, I highly suggest doing some research. Not only of the team, but of yourself. Are you a good teammate? Are you willing to sacrifice your personal goals for the benefit of the team? Will my teammates be supportive of each other? What are my true reasons for joining this team?

At Team Surf City we’ve worked hard to create a supportive, loving, and ultimately winning environment. It takes time and effort, but the outcomes are great when it’s done right.

We encourage you to join or create a team with lofty goals and high ambitions. The process is fun and exciting. Be that leader that builds trust. Be that committed teammate. See the vision, fuel the desire, smile, and share the love.


Photo Credit: Phil Beckman - Artists Revision by Mike Nelson at Type G

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