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We believe in the power of bikes. We believe life is better with a bicycle. We believe the joy of riding is ineffable. We believe cycling is freedom. We believe the peloton, friends, co-workers, competitors and clients are all the same. We believe in Rule #5, but we believe Rule #1 is to have FUN. We believe in waving at others. We believe only jerks point fingers and don’t point out holes. We believe the correct number of bikes to own is n+1. We believe that age and watts are just made up numbers. We believe we have the power to transform the world and that it starts with FUN. We believe we can. We believe cycling benefits all people, whether they ride now or not. We believe cycling is an integral part of a multi-modal transportation system. We believe in being progressive, unconventional, brave, positive, irreverent, confident and really f-ing good. Actually, we believe in being the best of the best. We believe cycling analogies are gold. We believe cycling should be FUN, safe and accessible. We believe in taking more pulls, not less. We believe the fabric of the peloton is colorful, dynamic and elegantly textured. We believe music can make you dance on the pedals. We believe mountains were made to climb (and descend really fast). We believe in love at first ride. We believe it’s okay to look better than you feel sometimes. While we love coffee, we believe it’s more fun being out on the ride than in the coffee shop prattling on about the ride. We believe every ride is building character. We believe in the therapy of long rides. We believe one should always know what to wear and never suffer kit confusion. We believe the peloton is greater than the sum of its wheels. We believe there is always a choice and we choose FUN. We believe in curiosity. We believe in levity over pride. We believe in the teachings of the Velominati. We believe every county, city or country sign is an opportunity to win. We believe in being dirty as much as we do being clean. We believe HTFU means Happy The Fun Up. We believe cycling is a way of life, not a sport. We believe there are two kinds of cyclists; those who ride and those who have yet to start riding. We believe in each other. We believe in you. We believe together we can make the world a better place. We believe it’s more FUN when there’s more people having it. We believe we can be Best of the Best and still have a bit of Jest. Can we go play bikes now?


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