Tyler Pearce

Tyler Pearce

Hometown: Bass Lake, CA
Favorite Bike: Canyon Grail

What attracted you to Eliel?

Let’s be real, a dude in tights with a helmet the shape of a penis is hard to pull off. But somehow Eliel makes me look and feel cool AF. And not just “cool for a cyclist”, but straight up cool. It’s a scientific fact that to ride good, you have to look good.

What about bikes brings you joy?

Many aspects about bikes bring me joy, but I’d say the biggest one is that when you power yourself up a mountain to experience a view very few people ever see, you become more connected to the universe (S’hippe).

Feeling the wind in your face, the temperature changes, the flow of the road, the changes in pitch...it all connects you. That feeling makes you appreciate how seriously amazing this planet is.

How does riding make you a better person?

We all need time to explore our own minds. Cycling for me is a form of meditation, and that makes me able to process my emotions in a healthy way.

When I am alone in my head for hours, I crave connection with others after a while. So when I get back from a ride, I am a better listener and more present in my life.

Which rider inspires you the most?

My son. The kid has unlimited potential and I’ll be dammed if that shithead is gonna drop me. I gotta be fit AF because the day my son drops me, he better gawdamn be earning that.

What are your goals for the future? On and off the bike...

On the bike, be the best I can be with my given level of commitment. I want to also do more with putting on camps and helping others experience the joy of bikes.

Off the bike, I want my wife and kids to love me unconditionally. I want there to be no question I was a badass father and husband.

What is important to you?


Tyler's Story

Just an average bro trying to find where he belongs in this world. I’ve tried a lot of different hats in both career and sport. Nothing really felt like “me” and I never felt “home”.

But once I became a family man, that life felt like what I was meant to do. A husband and father of 2 fits me well, I feel complete when I’m with the fam.

I’ve done a lot of sports but cycling, especially adventure riding, seems to be where my soul feels whole. Being in the middle of the forest climbing a mountain on bicycle just has me “connected” in a way nothing else seems to do.

Ride bikes, all the bikes, in all the places. Then come home to a happy wife and happy kids...that’s the life, bro. And that’s the life I currently live. Fukin hell life rips.