Mahalia Cady

Mahalia Cady

Hometown: Encinitas, CA
Favorite Bike: Lux Canyon mountain bike
Sign: Libra

What attracted you to Eliel?

My father, I guess.

What about bikes brings you joy?

I like going on rides and it has a fun community.

How does riding make you a better person?

I get to put all my energy into something I love and it’s something fun that I get to do with my dad.

Which rider inspires you the most?

Jolanda Neff

What are your goals for the future? On and off the bike...

Actually get to race this next season and hopefully bring home a few medals. 😜

What is important to you?

My family and my cats

Mahalia's Story

My name is Mahalia Cady. I was born in Encinitas, CA and have lived there my whole life. I started cycling when I was really young and my dad would take me out on the trails on the weekends. I joined a coastal composite team last year and that got me really into mountain biking. Unfortunately, just when the races started, COVID-19 hit and I only got to compete once. However, it was really fun and I got to know a lot more people that were into the sport like me and I had a great time. I look forward to the upcoming year's season and whenever we can race safely again.