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Joann Zwagerman

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Bike: Not fair. That’s like picking a favorite child. Impossible…
Sign: Scorpio. Isn’t it obvious?

What attracted you to Eliel?

The kits are great but it really was the feeling of ‘family’ behind the brand that attracted me to Eliel.

What about bikes brings you joy?

The freedom to roam and explore places from a different vantage point. The feeling of the wind in my braids and knowing that by just getting out there, I’ve accomplished something. The relationships that I have made through cycling. Commuting and having true zero emissions. All of this and more brings joy to my life. It’s all because of bikes.

How does riding make you a better person?

I am a nurturing person by nature but riding bikes has given me a whole new reason to care. I feel compelled to help where I can to support the cycling community. I have learned a lot from others and for that I have grown as a person and a cyclist.

Which rider inspires you the most?

Oh geez...Those who know me well would smile at this one. It’s not a pro because I couldn’t name more than a handful. It is someone from my cycling club. He has been my constant source of inspiration and support. He has taught and guided me from the beginning of my cycling career almost 5 years ago. He has been my constant mentor. I owe a lot to this man.

What are your goals for the future? On and off the bike...

I would like to roam around the world with my bikes and a camper. Possibly blog about it. I want to bring awareness to other cycling regions and communities without reservations.

What is important to you?

Having meaningful, honest friendships

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