Year one of gravel is almost done!

Year one of gravel is almost done!

It is hard to believe that the end of race season is right around the corner!

When many of us gravellers first started racing this year in April, October seemed so far away, yet here we are halfway through September!

My ride today felt like the best Fall day, with beautifully colored trees, and I loved having my comfy Eliel arm warmers to keep me happy on the ride! I had the ultimate privilege of getting to race my first year as a gravel racer on a gravel bike, and I am learning so much!

Being part of the LifeTime Grand Prix really accelerated this learning and growth, as I was thrown in the deep end with some of the best gravel and mountain bikers.

Having the support of brands like Eliel have really made this new gravel world feel like family, and I am super grateful for this 2023 season!

It has been so fun getting to race in my Eliel TRLT race kit this year, as it is such a great way to meet other members, and to have shared camaraderie out on the courses! 

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