The World Is Our Playground - XPlorID

The World Is Our Playground - XPlorID

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Back in the early days of our world tour on bicycle, in 2020, we thought “This temperature is extreme”. We were cycling in 40+ degrees Celsius in Croatia. After cycling more than 37,000 km in 32 countries we are in Costa Rica. Temperatures haven’t dropped since we left Oaxaca (Mexico) in May 2023. The humidity is extreme. We changed our routine to cycling in the morning till noon, but still we are soaked in sweat every single day. How can we go on like this?


After 8 cycling days in El Salvador we are in a tiny little boat with 21 other passengers on our way to Nicaragua. Mrs. Sunshine and Mr. Blue Sky go ashore first when we reach Potosí. Next we get wet feet while hitting Nicaraguan soil.


Mountainbike ride near León

After visiting the snow white cathedral in León we are up for some kind of triatlon. We’re going for a bicycle ride, hike and swim.


The crater lake at Laguna de Asososca (El Tigre) is absolutely stunning. It’s worth the ride on dirt roads and the 30 minutes hike up and down. The water temperature is heaven. We could stay here forever.

We also enjoy the crater lake of Xolotlán with a nice view of volcano Momotombo.


Pura Vida!

From Rivas in Nicaragua it’s a long day to reach the first city in Costa Rica. Fortunately, a huge breakfast is included at the hotel. Desayuno tipico: rice with baked beans, scrambled eggs and some cheese. They should name it Comida topico because the Latinos eat rice with baked beans for breakfast, lunch ánd dinner.


Cruce de fauna

Costa Rica is greener than Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua combined. It's like cycling through the jungle. A sign warns us to look out for crossing howler monkeys, deer and coatis. We hear the monkeys every day, but we haven't spotted them yet.


New plans

Initially we were going to cycle along the entire coast of Guanacaste. Besides not feeling like getting stuck on the muddy dirt roads, we have a new plan.


After 2 days of cycling, we take the ferry to Puntarenas. We leave Guanacaste in time to meet Rein and Paola, the “servants” of Ron the cat.


House and pet sitting

We help Rein and Paola by looking after Ron while they go on holiday. And they help us. Thank you! You give us the opportunity to escape the sweltering heat and high humidity. Since May, apart from a short break at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, we have not had any pleasant cycling days. It still feels like we're cycling in the sauna every day. We want to postpone our cycling days as much as possible. Hopefully until we can pick up the pace again at lower temperatures.


Pay it forward

We both love animals and encourage this “pay it forward” concept. We have 2 other pet sitting gigs coming up. The latter will be during Christmas and New Years’ Eve in Panama City. We are still available to house and / or pet sit in November and the first 3 weeks of December. Who wants this cycling nomad couple as your care taker?


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