Finding My Limits - BIGGEST 1 Day Riding Loop | EVEREST ROAM

Finding My Limits - BIGGEST 1 Day Riding Loop | EVEREST ROAM

On Friday, September 22nd I left my house at 4am wondering what the biggest ride I could do in 24 Hours was.  On Saturday, September 23rd I came home at 4am with all those questions answered...Now you can see what happened in between in this fast moving documentary!

This was without a doubt one of the most memorable rides of my life.  I hope it inspires you to do something "epic" from home.  Whether that's connecting a couple loops or setting a personal record in distance/climbing, the goal is to START MOVING FORWARD.

 Derek Teel sets out to do the biggest 24 hour ride of his life. Starting from his front door in the Sacramento valley, riding up the northern route around Lake Tahoe back on the southern route. It’s one loop that totals 326 Miles and 29,500 Feet of climbing including everything from gravel to freeway. 

Videographer/Editor: Zach Youngberg

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