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Kae Takeshita Blog

Life is a journey

I feel life is a journey. The thought is that everyone’s life is a journey. We all take different paths, and the paths lead you to your lifestyles and dreams. In my case, cycling has always been a way to explore. It started out as a method of transportation, and the exploration elements kicked in. Cycling enabled me to open all my senses and feel the joy and adventures.

When I took up cycling with drop handlebars, I had never thought of myself as an athlete… for many years. Then, I really got into it, especially when I started riding and racing gravel, which was a good ten years ago. I’ve done many ride and race events within and outside of the US, ranging anywhere from 50 miles to 350 miles in one go. The joy gravel brings me is further cemented in the memories of new faces, places, and friends I met and shared miles along the way, whether it’s training rides, fun coffee rides, or races. Joy and camaraderie are precious and special.

 Dig Deep?

For me, it’s just the way I roll.  For the things that interest me, I am a very detailed and dedicated person, and it’s not something I can turn on or off. I always want to be the best I can be. Also, I am quite a curious soul, and that leads me to do all the exciting adventures… sometimes beyond what I prepare myself for… and I like it.

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