Eliel Athlete Spotlight: Charon Smith

Eliel Athlete Spotlight: Charon Smith

I am Charon Smith. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I have been around the scene now for 19 years riding and racing while being fortunate enough to ride and race every year straight since discovering the beautiful sport of cycling 19 years ago. 

I co-own my cycling team Methods To Winning, and our Methods To Winning LLC which help put on several events for the community. You may have heard of Eldorado Twilight Race Series, and All Clubs LA Gala just to name a few. I have been lucky enough to do a lot of cool things in the sport from winning a bunch of races over the years and capturing several titles, including some State titles and a National title while winning several cool races around the country and locally as well.

I have been partnered with the brand of Eliel for 8 years now, I am immensely proud about being Eliel longest standing athlete. Some have asked “Charon, how and why have you been with the brand for so long, this is not always normal in cycling?” my answer is very simple. It is because of the people and high quality of gear Eliel has continued to produce year after year. Also I tend to become attached things I believe in and that has worked for me. It is so wonderful to see so many great things happening with the brand so for now I am here to stay if they want me around. What I love about the brand is the passion that is put into everything that Ryan and the Eliel staff produce, and how they take rider feedback at a high level, as well as the testing of products that is done by riders like me before going live to the public. 

More about me

I am a very happy guy who tends to view things from a positive place as much as possible, even when things are not looking great, I still try to find a sliver of hope embedded somewhere. I believe life and cycling are so similar, we never get what we want without some suffering along the way. I am very honored to be a part of this athlete highlight blog and to share a little bit about myself.

Eliel members, let us all continue to support and uplift each other as we continue this cycling journey while being supported by one of the best brands for clothing. Cheers!

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