Behind the Scenes of the New Charon Smith Collection - Charon Smith

Behind the Scenes of the New Charon Smith Collection - Charon Smith

This year’s collection which will be available for pre-sale August 25 to September 8, was centered around vibrant colors that catch people’s eyes and the concept of speed. This is the logic behind the flashes of white embedded in the color patterns. The motivation behind it stems from me being a sprinter and known for my sprinting abilities over the years of my racing career.

However, despite speed being the focal point of this collection I still believe heavily on the mantra of #Believe #Inspire #Sprint those are the three pillars that birthed the collection 3 years ago. I have always believed that the first step is we must believe in ourselves. Once that is built and established, we can then start to inspire which was once said by the late great Kobe Bryant "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do". So once we inspire then we can Sprint to whatever we are aiming to achieve.

I am proud to have a friend, Mike Samuelson, step in with me on this collection, creating what you see. Mike and I went over several looks before finalizing the creation that we are excited about!

Mike is a talented artist who been in the art game for a minute. Here is some insight into Mike…

Mike Samuelsen, Creative Director | Los Angeles

Mike Samuelsen, a creative director who translates business through design and works in technology, entertainment, legal, fashion, and financial industries is also an avid cyclist.

One of Mike’s first opportunities as a young kid led him to the Swiss Alps where he worked in a ski shop for a season, when he got back home to Oregon, he made his move to Los Angeles. His career path started in graphic design with his first technology company in Santa Monica.

Mike’s passion for cycling starts with a daily morning ride, using it as his think-tank for solving problems, brainstorming, and providing new perspectives on current projects. Currently Mike and his wife are living off the grid in the Santa Monica Mountains enjoying life with 5 cats, lots of climbing, and having fun.

Be sure to check out Mike’s website as well.


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