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Women's Cargo Bib Short 8" Heritage Collection

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The Eliel Cycling Heritage Collection is a line of clothing and cycling accessories designed to honor the brand’s rich history and celebrate its storied heritage in the world of cycling. This collection features classic, retro-style pieces that are sure to turn heads on the road and in the bike shop. The Heritage Collection is all about paying homage to the classic style of cycling apparel that has been around since Eliel first began making cycling gear. Whether you’re a vintage bike enthusiast or just looking for stylish cycling gear, the Eliel Cycling Heritage Collection has something for everyone.

Born from the Laguna Seca pattern we added additional cargo pockets for more storage and easy access to support all your adventures. Secret storage under your jersey or loose shirt are perfect for valuables while the side pockets work great for easy access to nutrition or to access your phone for documenting that amazing view you just earned from that epic climb. Hit the road or trails and be home by dark (or not, sorry Mom)

The limited collection order window is open until March 27th.  Orders will ship the beginning of May.