Welcome to EFT team page

  • Important Team Dates:

    • 2024 Team kits shipping: December 2023
    • High Viz Store Opening: October 18
    • Spring Onboarding for new members: Feb 2024
    • Summer Store: April 2024

  • Team Activities:

    • Weekly Zwift rides beginning in December
    • Team Challenges
    • Meet the partners series-Once each month meet one of our team partners! This is your chance to get a back room view of how products are made!

  • Eliel Cycling

    20% off all items on the website

    Code: !EFT_24

    Eliel Cycling 
  • Lazer Helmet

    Save 20% on Lazer G1 Mips helmet or a Strada Kineticore!

    Code: Eliel20

    Lazer Helmet 
  • Birdworx Helmet Skin

    Details on the 2024 helmet coming soon!

  • IRC Tires

    IRC is proud to return as a partner for the EFT in 2024! Save 30% on all tires purchased through Pure Gravel.

    Code: EFT$24!

    Pure Gravel 
  • Eliel is proud to support our 2024 Partners as they support YOU!

    Please remember that the codes are for the team only. If you share them we will lose them!

  • Hand Up Gloves

    Hand Up Gloves is proud to be a partner in 2024. Use the code below to save 25% off site wide.

    Code: ELIEL2023$$$

    Hand Up Gloves 
  • Orange Mud

    Do you need a hydration pack that won't fall down on your body? Look no further than Orange Mud. The hydration pack that I have trusted for every one of my long rides is now a partner with the EFT! Let's welcome them and enjoy 30% discounts on all products.

    Use the code: Eliel30

    Orange Mud 
  • Dispatch Bikes

    Custom Headset

    Looking to add some character to your bike? Dispatch Bikes is offering 35% off all products! Click the link below!

    Dispatch Bikes 
  • The FEED

    Fuel with The FEED!New to The Feed? The Feed is an online marketplace made by athletes for athletes. You can find your favorite gels, chews, hydration and high-performance supplements to fuel your next workout or race.Claim NOWto unlock $20 of Feed store credit NOW (just like cash) you can use on your next purchase. Additional $20 credit drops occur every 90 days

    The FEED 
  • North Wave, E11even, and Ridley

    Details coming soon!

  • Ryno Power

    40% off all Ryno Power products!

    EFT2024for 40% off our corporate websites in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe & UK

    EFTFREE2024for a Free Charge Life Sample Kit - a $27.42 value (just pay shipping) - Available in only USA & Canada only

    Ryno Power 
  • Momentous

    Details coming soon!

  • Zealios

    Zealios is proud to partner with Eliel in 2024! All team members save 30% off Site Wide!

    Code: ZupELIEL

  • VC Graphix

    Custom name stickers

    VC Graphix