STEP 1

    We understand how important it is that your group looks and feels great in their kits. We’ll set you up with a Custom Consultation between you and one of our Eliel Custom Pros. You will learn about the Eliel Custom System and they will learn about your specific needs to ensure you have the perfect Eliel gear selection for your order.


    STEP 2

    KOM: The official kick-off meeting. You’ve put your faith in our artists, designers, and fabricators to turn your vision into a wearable reality. You can be sure that our Custom products are the very same Best of the Best apparel that Eliel offers on its website. Upon engagement, our dedicated account manager will set up a KOM with your designated in-house Eliel graphic designer to guide you through the entire process. They will also be there for you from concept to new kit day. No question will go unanswered as they help you discover our wide range of performance products. So, let’s get to the drawing board!

  • Design Process

    STEP 3

    This is where the pencil hits the paper or in our case the computer screen. Whether you have detailed sketches or a blank sheet of paper, your Eliel in-house graphic designer stands ready to work with you one on one to get that look that will define your group. If you can dream it, we can draw it. Just talk us through your ideas, and watch the magic happen.


    STEP 4

    Review, revise, and approve. We’ll make sure you are fully satisfied with your design along each step of the way. This includes running a test print on your fabric with your design in full color and making one last check of the quantities and sizes! Then, once we have your final autograph, it’s off to production!


    STEP 5

    Assembly time. We’ll take it from here! Our in-house manufacturing team will take your final design files, run them through our heat transfer print process, laser-cut everything to the perfect size, hand-sew each item with love and care, check the to-do list one more time, and then package everything up.


    STEP 6

    Shipping & Delivery: Knock, knock. Who’s there?! New Kit Day! Our stellar Warehouse Team makes the final preparations to get your gear to you pronto. They check and re-check everything to make sure your order is exactly what you ordered. Box it up. And then it’s full send!