This is what experienced cyclists are saying about Eliel.

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for the awesome National Champ kits of you made both KB and I. They are insanely fabulous. :-)

I love the fit and feel of them. I wear my Eliel kits all the time. You have done a tremendous job with the fabrics and fit.

Dotsie Bausch, Team Surf City Cyclery




My wife used to work for DIESEL Jeans for many years, and handled 5 pocket jeans for the entire US.  Once she saw the Eliel kit, it was an immediate thumbs up. Simply a great fit, and great mix of colors.

David Perez, Team Surf City Cyclery



Quality is second to none! True sizing for everything. I've never worn a better fit. The different fabrics and where they're placed, how the panels are cut, the stitching for everything, all of it is very well thought out. It's bike clothing for Pro's made by Pro's.

Aaron Wimberly, Team Surf City Cyclery


"Working with the Eliel crew has been nothing but a breeze. They surpassed my wildest dreams in terms of customer service, communication, design and final product quality. And even after years of riding and trying out pretty much every clothing manufacturer there is, it is so refreshing to see that there is companies such as Eliel that still find ways to improve and enhance cycling clothing in every aspect. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication guys (Derek, Ryan, Brennan in particular)!"

Jan Hoeglund, Fuel for Miles



OMG, You got it right. The kits are great, thanks.

Steve Hegg, Olympian.




 You know that scene in the movie Superman… One of the newer movies where he puts on his outfit for the first time and they have the big brazen chest shot and it's all form fitted looking like the man of steel…? That is precisely how it felt when I slid your stuff on Friday morning. It is the best feeling cycling clothing I've ever worn. I literally had a smile on my face for two hours while I rode – I think the cheeks on my face were more sore than my butt cheeks.

Landon L., Executive Cycling Excursions





LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Can we PLEASE order summer kits ASAP??? BEFORE Summer starts??


Jackie C., Wolfpack Cycling



The cut and fit of both the Mavericks Aero Jersey and bibs real are the best I have ever ridden and that goes back to 1985.

Mike Quick, UC Cyclery- JW Floors Masters Racing Team

Best kit I have ever worn. Ordered two kits for the first order, and then ordered two more for the second order b/c I don't own anything that fits as well as these kits from Eliel.

Rob, Wolfpack Cycling


The Palomar Vest totally rocks...and it actually works!

Jim A., Wolfpack Cycling



It is by far the best kit I have ever worn. After 100 miles still felt good… or at least the kit felt great.

Wolfpack Cycling Athlete



I'm pretty sure I rode 15 or 16 miles, and I was still sleep because it felt like pajamas. I was able to ride all 15 or 16 miles and get home and crawl into bed without changing because of the pajama like qualities. In conclusion, pajama kits, like this one, are good to ride bikes in.

In case any of the above seemed sarcastic or insincere, it wasn't. The kit is fabulous and I loved riding 15 or 16 miles in it. I only wish I had more time to ride more miles.