Why we use lasers....It’s all about performance.

You've seen the human body lately. All sorts of curves and bends. And no two are alike.

When the concept of Eliel was in it’s infancy, we made the crazy decision to build our own factory right here in California. Total control over the design, and manufacturing process was the only way we could guarantee the ability to make the gear we truly love. 

Although it has been challenging, our own factory, and specifically the laser cutter, gave us the ability to develop, test, and redesign our gear very quickly. We're about a year old now, and all of our garments have been through a rigorous development in that short amount of time. That means we've been able to deliver you a more mature, more refined product faster. And we don't plan on stopping. We're always perfecting our gear.

And just like our friends at Specialized with their RIDER-FIRST ENGINEERED™ bike frames, we also use custom patterns for every size. We don't just grow a Medium into a Large, and then a Large into an Extra Large. We take the time to bring in experienced cyclists ranging in size from Extra Small to Extra Large and tested their fit over and over again, perfecting each of our sizes individually.