***Del Dios represents Eliel's highest performance cycle gear. Designed for your fastest days when you want it all perfectly dialed!***

The Race Cut Diablo Jersey was designed to keep you cool in hot weather. Strategic UPF fabrics in the back and arms ward off direct sunlight while riding and the ultra light breathable front and side mesh panels allow maximal air flow for cooling. Structural reinforcements and refinements allow for everyday use and durability. Ultra light materials also make this jersey a featherweight for climbing enthusiasts. According to our review in Bicycling Magazine, The Eliel Diablo Jersey was the top performer in the lab and most comfortable on the road.

Diablo Technical Features

• Crafted in California
• Eliel Race Fit
• Open mesh chest and side panels for ventilation and breathability
• Back panel features NILIT Breeze® Nylon Cooling Yarn to help maintain comfortable body temperature
• Low-profile collar
• Longer length aerodynamic sleeves
• Laser-cut sleeve hem for comfort and weight reduction
• Full-length locking zipper for controlled venting
• Zipper garage at hem protects bibs
• Pockets:
- Positioned and tapered for easy entry
- Reinforced
- Eliel No-Sag Structure keeps gear in place
- Zip-pocket for securing valuables
• Waist gripper keeps jersey in place
• Reflective trim for visibility
• UPF 50+ Sun Protection

  • Light Weight Front

    Open mesh chest and side panels for ventilation and breathability

  • Low-profile collar

    ***The Del Dios line is the most ergogenic available on the market, with an

    antimicrobial smart temp finish in the jersey and FIR infrared yarn technology in the bibs

    providing unparalleled levels of thermoregulation and management of body heat.***

  • Longer length aerodynamic sleeves

    ***"If you’re looking for a premium road or gravel kit that won’t weigh you down, keeps you cool, and has plenty of storage, the Eliel Del Dios is worth a look." -Tyler Benedict, Founder of Bike Rumor***