Jeremiah Bishop

Jeremiah Bishop

Hometown: Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA, Earth
Favorite Bike: Canyon Grail
Sign: Peace. Oh, you mean zodiac? Pisces

What attracted you to Eliel?

Fun and fresh style, American-made products with an almost tailored fit! Lots to love about Eliel!

What about bikes brings you joy?

Freedom! Trail, road, gravel, or just riding to the grocery store. Wind in your face is therapeutic and empowering.

How does riding make you a better person?

When you ride through a place you see things differently, feel the dirt underneath or share a smile and a chat with strangers. When you're in a vehicle, it's more like watching it on a computer screen. Most of my charity causes have been inspired by these emotional connections.

Which rider inspires you the most?

The fearless beginners out there who shred in flat pedals, go for big scary rides half prepared and just send it. We all paint ourselves into comfortable challenges. Those with spirit and those that brush aside the status quo of what cycling is "supposed to be" and do it their way!

What are your goals for the future? On and off the bike...

I'm looking to inspire folks to ride do some great new projects with Impossible Rides and keep sharp with some gravel and mountain bike races.

What is important to you?

That we as cyclists leave it better than we found it. A rather open statement but one you can honestly answer after every trip or ride.

Jeremiah's Story

I grew up a lost boy and found two wheels, the community and challenge empowered me to find my stronger self. Cycling uplifted me and I achieved 2 national titles. For the last 20 years, I lived the dream as one of the top 10 cross country mountain bike racers in the World branching from XC to Marathon distance to stage racing. But more than that, my greatest mission is looking to pass on that inspiration to others to improve their lives and take to two wheels!