Gravel Team

About the Eliel Gravel Team

Gravel cycling is all about adventure and new challenges. There’s nothing better than setting off into the wilderness with your bike and a few good friends, to blaze a new trail. And who in their right mind wants to race, let alone ride, 200 miles over rocky, challenging terrain?? Gravel riders do! Aboard your trusty whip, you can see sights never before seen, traverse unknown terrain, push your physical limits, and at the end of the day, lift a glass to toast the kind of memories that can only be made in the saddle.  


The goal of the Team TRLT is to create a family atmosphere with the team at gravel events.  With the combination of coaching, pro aspect and team Eliel is setting the bar in an entirely new way in the gravel scene.  We have carefully selected pros who are excited about working with the team, while still leading the point end of the race.  These same pros will ride with the membership portion of the team through parts of the course at Unbound and spend time talking through strategy.


Eliel is doing something new, different, and powerful.  The team will have a place for everyone who wants to ride gravel, from the seasoned pro to the gravel curious.


What it takes to become a member:

  • A $290 membership which is over $400 value with just the kit bundle
  • The desire to be part of a group which enjoys spending time on dirt and your passion for bikes
  • And most importantly: The need to add a bit more FUN to your daily life!

Applications are open Feb. 16th to Feb 27th