Let’s Ride Together. Soon!

Like March 26th, soon.

We’ve saved you a place at the start line.

Come join our Zwift dream team!  ElielThe Vegan Cyclist, and Zwift are teaming up for a huge online event: The Fruit FUNdo. All we need is YOU! And the thousands of other fun-loving cyclists around the world.  

We’ll have three different courses with recon pre-rides. Choose from the Pineapple Route (100 miles), Strawberry Route (60 miles) and Blueberry Route (25 miles).

You will ride in a special Fruit FUNdo kit online and then have the opportunity to grab yours in real life!

Ride the kit IRL

Are you you? Or are you your avatar. This is getting confusing.

We've blurred the lines between reality and fantasy by creating a real jersey that's a carbon copy of the Zwift kit. And we did it in two fantastical designs in 4 colors with matching bibs. It's on you to decide which is the real season: indoor/outdoor. All we know for sure is that you'll look exceptional both places. 

Next, we'll figure out how to make your wheels (real) light up like Tron!

Get the Kit

Prepare for your Fruit FUNdo event with a training ride along side Tyler Pearce, AKA The Vegan Cyclist!


March 21st, 5:30 PM PDT - Pineapple Route Course Preview
March 23rd, 5:30 PM PDT - Strawberry Route Course Preview
March 25th, 5:30 PM PDT - Blueberry Route Course Preview


March 26th: Eliel Fruit FUNdo

  • Rides/Races begin March 25th @ 11pm PDT–12:00 Midnight 3/27 to accommodate all time zones.
  • There is a ride for everyone. Choose from the Pineapple Route (100 miles), Strawberry Route (60 miles) and Blueberry Route (25 miles).
  • Beginning March 26th at 12am PDT You can catch a Fruit FUNdo on the hour every other hour during the event window
  • Ride times that the Vegan Cyclist will attend: 
    • 8:00am: Pineapple Route(100mi)
    • 12:00pm: Strawberry Route (60mi)
    • 3:00pm: Blueberry Route (25mi)
  • Note all times in Pacific Daylight Time zone. Please be sure to convert to your time zone so you don’t miss out!