Eliel Champion Jersey Standards

Champion Jersey Standards

Here at Eliel we love outfitting championship teams and riders. To make the process as easy as possible for your team manager we have a set of guidelines for adding champion trim to an existing team design. 

Eliel offers a complimentary standard champion trim placement on jersey arm bands, jersey collar, skinsuit arm bands and bib leg bands. Standard champion trim is offered at no additional cost and counts toward order minimums. This complimentary addition is for National Champions, Masters National Champions, World Champions or Olympic Champions. Additional items such as outer wear and accessories with champion trim are subject to order minimums and art fees. Standard placement of bands are shown below. 

Champion trim is added to existing team art. The team art is created first, the standard champion trim is then completed by our art team prior to sending for approval. Teams are asked to provide the race result of the championship race. Champion trim is at the discretion of Eliel.

Champion Trim FAQ

Can we do a unique trim design or design on the front of a jersey (or skinsuit)?

Do jerseys, bibs and skinsuits with champion trim placement count toward the teams minimum? 

Can we add champion trim to accessories or other items? 

Can we change the seam color near the trim? 

Can different championships be combined? Example; rider has national championship and world championship. 

Is champion trim for both current and past champions? 

 One of our team members won nationals last weekend, can we get him a jersey?

Do you do complimentary state champion trim?