• We find when all else fails, give more pulls.

•Black on printable Lycra, the likes of which get used on shorts and bibs, will appear as a ‘mucky’ black when the fabric stretches on the body. This is a less than good look, therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid printed black areas directly next to non-printed black areas, as the shades of black may not match and create that muckiness none of us like.

•We know sometimes it’s okay to reveal a little, but we would be remiss in our duty if we did not point out that while our fabric resists transparency, white or light colored rear panels on bib shorts will be more transparent than darker color-filled panels.

•Red colors with gradients or fades can take on a pink hue as the color lightens.

•Gradients with steep changes between light and dark colors may actually appear as if there are lines separating the colors.

•Rear pocket graphic/test alignment: The top or bottom of the jersey pockets require meticulous alignment when constructed. Sometimes we need to slightly adjust the graphic so that it does not intersect at the pocket.